Wichita Archaeology Project

Reconstructed Wichita lodge outside of Wichita Tribal History Center

Sarah Trabert and Brandi Bethke partner with the Wichita and Affiliated Tribes to investigate ancestral Wichita archaeological sites.This partnership includes archaeological and museum collections work and hosting workshops to engage Wichita tribal members in archaeology.

This project also includes Stephen Perkins, Susan Vehik, and Richard Drass. These researchers have spent more than a decade investigating ancestral Wichita sites in Oklahoma and Kansas, most notably the Bryson-Paddock site in Kay County, Oklahoma.

Trabert and Bethke are working to build on this previous research to continue investigating ancestral Wichita occupations of the southern Plains. This work will include visiting sites in Oklahoma and Kansas, creating a geospatial database for landscape modeling, the analysis of artifact assemblages currently held in several museums, and the excavation of sites.