Sarah Trabert

Sarah running a total station at 14SC409
Sarah running a total station at 14SC409

Sarah Trabert is an Assistant Professor at the University of Oklahoma. A Kansas native, she always loved the Great Plains and chose to focus on this area of the country for her research. Her work examines how European colonialism changed the nature and intensity of social and economic exchange between Native peoples living on the Great Plains and U.S. Southwest. Curriculum Vitae

In the early 17th century, a group of Puebloan migrants traveled to what is now western Kansas and settled with an indigenous population known to archaeologists as Dismal River. These two different peoples came together and formed a new, hybrid, community and a seven room masonry pueblo was constructed (known as the Scott County Pueblo, 14SC1). Sarah has spent the last eight years investigating this pueblo and other archaeological sites in western Kansas that are associated with the Dismal River/Puebloan community. The primary goal is to reach a better understanding of the links between European colonization and Puebloan migration, as well as issues related to identity, social and technological exchange, gender, foodways, and resource acquisition.

To this end, Sarah’s research project has extended to working at Dismal River sites in Nebraska, Colorado, and Wyoming. She has active field projects at two sites, one in Kansas (14SC409) and one in Nebraska (White Cat Village, 25HN37).

She is also investigating the ancestral Wichita occupation of Oklahoma. This work aims to better understand ancestral Wichita responses to social, demographic, economic, and political change following their involvement in French exchange and before they were forced onto reservation lands. She has worked at the Deer Creek site for the past two years and has started a new project near Rush Springs, Oklahoma.

Sarah strongly believes in public involvement in archaeology and encourages students and local community members to participate in her lab and field projects. Please contact her if you are interested in volunteering on one of her projects.

Sarah Trabert, PhD, RPA
University of Oklahoma
455 West Lindsey, Room 521
Norman, Oklahoma 73019-2005
Phone: (405) 325-2520

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