Publications and Presentations

Selected Publications:

Trabert, Sarah. 2018. Partners and Power: Understanding Ancestral Wichita and French Trade at the Deer Creek (34KA3) Site. International Journal of Historic Archaeology, advanced article published online. Trabert 2018

Trabert, Sarah. 2017. Considering the Indirect Effects of Colonialism: Example from a Great Plains Middle Ground. Submitted to Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 48:17-27.

Trabert, Sarah, Matthew E. Hill, Jr., and Delaney Cooley. 2017. New Excavations in Scott State Park: Preliminary Findings from 14SC409. Kansas Anthropologist 35:27-46. Trabert et al 2017 both KA articles found here

Trabert, Sarah and Matthew E. Hill, Jr. 2017. When Ethnography and Archaeology Meet: A Discussion of Dismal River Aspect Mortuary Practices. Kansas Anthropologist 35:47-61.

Trabert, Sarah. 2016. An Assessment of Dismal River Ceramics in Colorado. Southwestern Lore 81(4):1-23. Full text found here

Beck, Margaret E., Sarah Trabert, David V. Hill, and Matthew E. Hill. 2016 Tewa Red and the Puebloan Diaspora: The Making of Ledbetter Red. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 6:148-159.

Trabert, Sarah, Sunday Eiselt, David Hill, Jeffrey Ferguson, Margaret Beck. 2016 Following a Glittering Trail: Geo-chemical and Petrographic Characterization of Micaceous Sherds Recovered from Dismal River Sites. American Antiquity 81(2):364-374.

Trabert, Sarah. 2014. Spanish Colonialism in Nebraska? Determining the Indirect Effects of Colonialism on the Dismal River aspect (A.D. 1650-1725). Central Plains Archaeology, 14(1): 117:134. Full text found here

Beck, Margaret and Sarah Trabert. 2014 Puebloan Occupation of the Scott County Pueblo, Western Kansas. American Antiquity 79(2): 314-336.

Trabert, Sarah. 2011. 14SC409 Ceramic Analysis Report. Kansas Anthropologist, 32:19-22.


What is coming next:

Trabert, Sarah and Matthew E. Hill, Jr. n.d. The Scott County Pueblo Site (14SC1), Continuing Questions of Dismal River aspect Identity, and the Effects of Colonialism During the Protohistoric Period (1450-1700). In Examining Waldo Wedel’s Legacy to Central Plains Archaeology, edited by Matthew E. Hill and Lauren Ritterbush. In preparation.

Sarah Trabert and Kacy Hollenback. Archaeological Narratives of the North American Great Plains: From Ancient Pasts to Historic Resettlement. Book manuscript in preparation for SAA Press: Current Perspectives Series. Anticipated manuscript completion May 2019.