Great Plains Archaeology at OU

New paper published!

We have a new paper that was recently published in the Journal of Archaeological Science.You can download the article for free using this link (available till April 1):,rVDBGB8l A small number of ceramics recovered from sites in the Lake Scott area, including 14SC1 and 14SC409, have a red slip on the exterior and/or interior surfaces. Many of these red slipped sherds look similar to Tewa Red Ware ceramics that were produced in pueblo communities in northern New Mexico. However, their exact origin was unknown (were they actually made in the Southwest?). After careful analysis using a variety of different techniques, we believe that these red ware ceramics were actually…
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Hello and welcome to our site! This is a platform for promoting the work of University of Oklahoma faculty and graduate students who focus on the archaeology of the Great Plains. We also partner with researchers at the University of Iowa on many of our projects. Soon, we'll post updates here from our field work in Nebraska and Kansas, and about some of the interesting artifacts we're studying in the lab. Please check out the tabs above to learn more about us and our research program. More to come soon, so please check back next month!
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