2017 OU Archaeology Field School

2016 Excavations
2016 Excavations

UPDATE: We had an excellent field school this past season! Here is a video update from the field and a thank you to all our donors!

The 2017 Field School was held at the Deer Creek site in east-central Oklahoma. This was a fantastic opportunity for students as they learned the basics of archaeological excavation and mapping. Students worked at an ancestral Wichita fortified village and helped investigate the fortification ditches, trash mounds, trash/storage pits, and village entrance.

In addition to learning the basics of excavation, students learned how archaeologists digitally map sites, and how researchers interpret the past in collaboration with descendant communities. This was an amazing opportunity for them to learn about archaeology, but also more about the archaeology of Oklahoma!

To help make the field school more affordable to students, we ran a OU Thousands Strong campaign to raise funds. A video on this campaign and the site can be found here.



Classes: ANTH 3930 (4 credit hours) and ANTH 4763 (3 credit hours).

Dates: (PAST) June 5 to June 30, 2017

Eligibility: This class is open to any undergraduate students. In case we receive more applications than there are spots, preferences will be given to students who will enroll in both classes.

Skills: Students will learn how to excavate, site map, survey, and conduct artifact analysis (primarily ceramics, lithics, and groundstone). Students will also learn to analyze artifacts and how to write-up their results.

Work schedule: Field work will take place Monday through Friday during the field portion of the project. During the lab portion, class will take place 11-4:40 daily, Monday through Friday.

Accommodations: We will be camping for four weeks at Kaw Lake. Students should be ready to live out of a tent for an extended amount of time and will need to purchase their own basic camping equipmtn. Students will be responsible for their own housing during the lab class in Norman.

Instructors:The class has three instructors: Sarah Trabert and two graduate student teaching assistants.

Please direct any questions to Sarah Trabert by email, strabert@ou.edu.